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Online Wills - When Financial Planning Meets Convenience

A last will and testament is something that anyone wanting to protect their family’s future should have in place. Believe it or not, more than 50% of UK adults have absolutely nothing official in place to guide what would happen to their assets and children if they were to pass away. One common barrier that is cited as a cause for this is convenience and online wills solve this problem with a single stroke.

Online will writers are a great representation of what happens when proper financial protection meets convenience and at Wise Will and Trusts, the online will services we offer are designed to make the whole process easier and more stress-free. This means that it’s never been easier to avoid the complex ‘mess’ that’s left behind when someone passes away ‘intestate’.


Online Wills Offer Comprehensive Protection for Your Family

What some people wonder is whether online will services offer the same comprehensive protection as traditional face-to-face services and we’re here to tell you that, yes, they do! Whilst there is no physical contact between advisor and client, the same thorough exploratory work is done to ensure that the end result is a will that accurately outlines your wishes.

Using video consultations, the Wise Will & Trust team is able to conduct an important part of the online will process remotely, meaning no one has to visit your home and potentially expose you to Covid infection. The information gained from the conversation you have with your advisor is then used to create a bespoke online will that exactly meets your requirements.

Our Bespoke Online Wills Can Solve Complex Family Issues

The fact we take the necessary time to fully explore your needs means that our bespoke online wills are able to provide solutions to complex family issues. It’s quite common for a last will and testament to involve several generations of the same family and there are sometimes disputes, so it’s important that a comprehensive document exists to guide proceedings when you pass away.

Just like their face-to-face counterparts, online wills can be created that cater for every part of your estate, to include trusts and specific legal arrangements. They are, in every sense, as legally binding and all-inclusive as any other type of will you can find, so why would you go to all that extra effort and expense when you can get it all done online?

Why Choose Us For Your Online Will?

At Wise Will and Trusts, we understand how daunting it can be to plan for your long-term financial future and that’s why we offer online wills that are both bespoke and hassle-free. Our transparent and customer-focused approach means that our clients always feel ‘in the loop’ and looked after. It’s the minimum we think our customers should expect.

While other online will writers might see their customers as a commodity, we embrace everyone’s individuality and factor everyone’s uniqueness into every will we create. Only by doing this can we hope to create online wills that meet the exact needs of our clients and ensure that their precise wishes are carried out when they die.


will writing

Will writing service

A Last Will and also Testimony is a file that specifies precisely how an individual's assets, consisting of realty, personal effects, and even financial investments, are distributed after the individual passes away. This record is typically described as a Last Will or just Will. After the kind is produced as well as authorized, the Will should be shared with all beneficiaries.

online will writer

Estate planning

When you die, every asset that you have is pulled together to form your estate. It will certainly after that be taken care of by your "estate manager", or else known as your "Administrator" or your "estate trustee", that is designated in your Will. This person has the responsibility to take your estate and then distribute it according to the guidelines in your Will. We at Wise Will and Trusts Limited provide top notch online estate planning services.

lasting power of attorney

Lasting power of attorney

A power of attorney is a lawful action that allows you to provide somebody else your authority to substitute or represent you. An online lasting power of attorney is meant for when your capability to make decisions has been lost as a result of a health problem or mishap.

Probate help

Probate administration

Probate is a legal term frequently made use of to explain the whole procedure of working out a person's estate when they die. It can also refer to the system of looking for and getting a grant of probate: a lawful document that can be utilized to prove your right to provide an estate.

funeral plan

Funeral planning

We all are entitled to a life worth commemorating, which is why we at Wise Will and Trusts Limited concentrated on assisting you to take pleasure in the ride. From funeral arrangements to online Will writing, trust funds and estate management, our quick to establish solutions guarantee that your plans remain in place, long before they get delegated chance

care home protection trust

Asset protection trust

An asset protection trust is a formal arrangement that is developed to protect your properties for your beneficiaries when you depart this life. Your properties can be distributed to specific recipients either in full on a set day or in the kind of monthly earnings. The framework of a trust fund can be flexible and can be organized to safeguard your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! We provide online services for setting up asset protection trust, as well!

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Online Wills Prevent a Complicated Mess Being Left Behind

Our ultimate aim at Wise Will & Trusts is to make the process of creating a will easier so that more people are spared the experience of what happens when someone dies without one. Our affordable, customer-focused online wills are designed to be accessible and easy to take advantage of as our dedicated team works tirelessly to do all the necessary legwork for you.

In addition to preventing a complicated legal mess being left behind for your family when you pass away, our bespoke online wills can be created to minimise threats to your beneficiaries’ legacy like inheritance tax. Essentially, you’re looking to protect your family’s future and we will do our utmost to create online wills that fit your needs like a glove.

So, if you’re in need of a reliable online will writer that you can trust to carry out your intentions to the letter, we would be delighted to hear from you. Call our friendly experts today on 01491598005 and take the first step to getting your financial planning in order.

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